Social Security

Social Security Disability

If you are unable to work due to physical or emotional limitations, Social Security Disability may be your only source of funds for food and the payment of other bills. When you need financial help, and you cannot work, you need your claim to be addressed sooner, not later.

The process of getting Disability benefits can be very long and complex, unless you have extensive experience in this field. Our office has handled hundreds of cases in our 30 years of practice; we understand the process and know the procedures to get you APPROVED.

We have the experience and a proven track record for winning Disability claims. We will work closely with you, our local Social Security office, and your doctors to get you benefits as quickly as possible.

We are happy to assist you from the initial application process through to the final stages of your claim. We will not only work diligently to get you approved; we will make certain that your back pay and benefits have been calculated correctly by the Social Security Administration.

For more information regarding Social Security, please visit The Official Social Security website.

Call us today at 704-471-0808 to answer any questions you may have regarding Social Security Disability, or the process of applying for benefits.

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