Impaired Driving laws in North Carolina change rapidly and profoundly. Over the years the State of North Carolina has made it their priority to increase forces to keep “drunk drivers” off roads and highways. There are times when those measures include discriminatory tactics and unlawful stops that violate your constitutional rights.

It is important to know that a Driving While Impaired Offense is a serious crime and if convicted you could face an active jail sentence, expensive fines, and a twelve month minimum revocation of your driver’s license.

Driving While Impaired Offenses are some of the most complex areas of Criminal Law in the State of North Carolina and it is important that you choose a lawyer who knows the law and is experienced in handling these types of cases. The Attorneys at Cerwin Law Firm, P.C. are knowledgeable in this area of law and are experienced in handling these cases. We will walk you through the entire process so there will be no surprises. Our Attorneys are aggressive in their defense in these types of cases. We review the officer’s files, notes, videos, and any other valuable information in order to fully evaluate the evidence for and against our clients. Our Attorneys are not afraid to take these types of cases to trial when the state lacks evidence that warrants a conviction. We take pride in our Constitution and will take necessary steps to keep any evidence obtained from an unlawful traffic stop out of court.

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